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Essence of Yoga was founded in 2005 with the intention of providing the local Maroubra community with a warm and welcoming studio and a high level of teaching to help students explore the essence of yoga in an authentic, safe, practical and supportive environment. Our studio is located opposite the Mahons pool and offers magnificent ocean views and the opportunity to practise as the sun and moon rise over the water and whales migrate along the coast. As soon as students enter the space, they experience a calm respite from the stresses and busyness of city life.

Iyengar Yoga is taught at the studio and is the world’s most widely practised method of yoga.
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Term 2 Newsletter

Term 2 is now open for booking. All courses are 10 weeks and cost $197. The Sunday Restorative class can be booked as an individual session and costs $20. The Saturday 10am Beginners course has now been replaced by a NEW 8am General course with Emma.
Essence of Yoga

Welcome to 2015

Welcome to 2015! Did you practise yoga over the holiday period? Getting back on the mat after an extended break can be intimidating. We are often met with a tight and restricted body and can feel disappointed that things aren't quite how they used to be. However, if we can let go of our attachments and expectations and instead focus on the task in hand, the experience needn't be quite so confronting, in fact it can be transformed into gratitude.
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Challenge the Way You See Things

According to B.K.S. Iyengar, yoga inversions "purge the body of its impurities, bringing strength, firmness, calmness and clarity of mind". Other benefits of yoga inversions may include improved sleep, a more efficient digestive system and regulated hormones.
Essence of Yoga - The Nature of Yoga

The Nature of Yoga

Over the last few months I have been observing what an incredible and positive influence nature has on my toddler. He can be running around the house fully charged, the frustration building as his mother seems to take forever to finish the washing up, but as soon as we head out to a beautiful beach or leafy park his energy shifts immediately.

“My husband and I really enjoy attending Emma’s yoga classes. From the first session it was obvious that she was incredibly passionate about yoga and when she spoke about it her whole face and body exuded enthusiasm. This was contagious! We really appreciated Emma’s commitment to making sure that we were getting the most out of every class and she always varied each yoga session to continue to challenge us and keep it interesting. Emma has a fantastic understanding and love of yoga and we would recommend anyone to her classes. It is obvious that she has found her purpose in life and wants to share this passion with everyone.”
— Monique & Andrey Stuckey

“The Essence of Yoga studio is a special place where I go to release tension and re-connect on a deeper level with myself. It’s one of the only places where I can be exactly who I am at that point in time and work through the limitations in my body in a non-judgmental and open space. When I have a breakthrough I can celebrate it and when I’m frustrated I learn to work through it. It helps me take this learning to other areas of my life helping to free me from the constant mind chatter and criticism I unwittingly inflict on myself. Somehow it’s also become my touchstone, a place where I can go and see all my friends smiling at me.”
— Graziella Obeid

“From practicing yoga I have noticed the importance of making this time for my mind and soul on a regular basis. I have become more aware of how I stand and how I sit. I realize how our mind and body thrives when you go within and look inside. I love yoga and I love Emma as a teacher, she has such a sound understanding of how each pose should feel to her that she is able to explain it in such detail that you too can grasp the essence of each pose. Emma is very inspiring – I learn something new about myself and the yoga practice at every session.”
— Tracey Hayim

“I have found the yoga classes extremely beneficial to my healing process. After having a car accident last year I needed to build up both my body and sense of wellbeing again. Through attending Emma’s yoga classes I have been able to rebuild my strength, co-ordination, balance and energy in a gradual and consistent way. I am also learning to listen to and re-connect with my body and myself, after the separation that can occur after trauma. I am increasingly aware too of the positive effects yoga is having for me in helping to relax and focus my mind, and in being able to feel the peace and stillness within that I’ve found yoga practice develops. I can strongly recommend Emma’s yoga classes which are a challenging, supportive, positive and rewarding experience.”
— Leah Smaith

“I’ve done many different styles of yoga and had a lot of different teachers. Emma’s approach is the best I’ve encountered! Under her guidance I’ve been able to go further than ever before. She takes care poses are done correctly and allows her students to work at the level that is right for them.”
— Nicki Novy

“I have done many types of yoga in my life and gone to many classes with different teachers. The classes with Emma have by far exceeded my expectations. Emma’s dedication and passion for sharing the benefits of yoga are felt in every class. Her classes have a warm spiritual ambience with lots of individual attention with small [intimate] groups. I particularly like the use of props, which allow me to get the benefits of postures I wouldn’t be able to do on my own. I leave each class feeling calmer and energised. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.”
— Jane Mellor

“Since starting yoga with Emma, I feel like I have got some of my life back and my body too! As the mother of a small toddler my body takes a lot of daily strain, and I believe that thanks to Emma’s wonderful yoga practise I truly feel that I have a fresh opportunity and I am looking after both my mind and body. I would really be lost without her class and I thank her for all her patience, enthusiasm and energy!”
— Katie McDowell

“I find Emma’s instructions concise and clear and the yoga enjoyable and stimulating. The classes always have a strong sense of purpose and flow and are beautifully punctuated with Emma’s humility as a teacher.”
— Benn Miller

“Since starting Yoga practice with Emma at “Essence of Yoga”, I’ve really enjoyed the tranquillity & clarity that it has brought into my life. I wake up in the mornings and jump out of bed, ready to meet the day head on, full of enthusiasm, energy and excitement. It’s given me a whole new spin on life, without the ritualistic caffeine fix I had been hooked on to get me started for the day…Thanks Emma.”
— John Bonaventura

“Emma’s Yoga classes are a true holistic experience. The moment you arrive you are transported to a beautiful place through relaxing scents, gorgeous music and a calming voice. Emma’s expertise is evident through her ability to make the class enjoyable for everyone regardless of experience. After each class, I feel invigorated yet relaxed… and I always quietly smile at my markedly reduced walking pace! Thank you Emma for a wonderful Yoga class that treats my body, mind and spirit. ”
— Vanessa Aird

“If you would like to learn yoga in a cosy studio with only 11 other students – where you will be taught by a professional and passionate teacher Emma – hear and smell the ocean – Essence of Yoga situated on Marine Parade is the place to go. I have been enjoying yoga lessons with Emma for the last year. Every class is designed to take you to the edge if you wish or move at your own pace. This is the beauty of a small class where the teacher can oversee your practice helping you progress to the next level.”
— Cheryl Moffatt

“I wanted to say thank you again for the support you show during our sessions. The preciseness of your directions is amazing and it was a special thing for me to be able to place the block under my sacrum during the Setu Bandha Sarvangasana on my own without you having to come over and lift me up. It’s not so much that a person cannot do it, but more that you let your mind take you into the pose. I look forward to next attempting the back bending now that I’m slowly getting it! Anyway I love it and you’re great and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.”
— Matthew Hardesty

“Emma is dedicated instructor. In her classes you have to leave your ego behind and just trust the poses that Emma challenges us with. Every time I’ve attended Emma’s classes, I’ve always felt refreshed and relaxed.”
— Cathy Tang

“Having lapsed from any yoga practice for over a decade, Emma’s classes have brought me back to regular practice. Her classes are dynamic and relaxing at the same time and I always feel like I’m walking on a cloud the next day.”
— Robbi Novy

“I have found many benefits from attending your yoga sessions, but I think what most comes to mind is that I come away with a quiet and peaceful mind. For me this is invaluable! Thank you also for your personal tuition and support. Much appreciated.”
— Gail Heerden